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Summer Camps

Fiber Arts  Dying and weaving and stitching, oh my! If you like creating with yarn and fabric, this camp is for you!

Artists ages 8 - 13: $250

August 7 - 11 • 9am - 12pm

Castle Creator  Dragons and princesses and knights...oh my! Who will live in the castle you create?  This camp includes a wooden castle that folds up so you can easily take it from realm to realm for playdates!

For Artists Age 6 to 11: $250

June 19-23 (M - F) • 9am - 12pm

Puppet Playhouse  Explore the art of puppetry. We will create stages, all kinds of puppets and end the week with a virtual performance. 

For Artists Age 6-11: $250

July 10 - 14 • 9am - 12pm

Dreamhouse Design  NEW DOLLHOUSE FOR 2023! What if you could design your own house? We will go from blueprint to showplace in this camp that includes a portable wooden dollhouse that can travel with you to playdates!

For Artists Age 6 - 11: $250

July 24 - 28 (M - F) • 9am - 12pm

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 5.11.42 PM.png

Food Truck Who's hungry? Pizza? Tacos? Burgers, dogs and fries? We will create them all in this sculptural art camp! Each camper will design their own food truck business and set up shop for parents and siblings on the last day of camp.

For Artists Age 6-11: $250

August 14 - 18 • 9am - 12pm

"Thank you for teaching me! I've learned a lot! I also enjoyed it a lot! I think you are the best art teacher!"


Zoo Dezigner  What if you ran the zoo? What animals would you have? What would their habitats look like? Would your zoo have an ice cream stand? A train? Answer these questions and more as we create out own canvas zoo play-mat, enclosures, animals, zookeepers, guests & more! Friends & family get to tour your zoo on the last day!

For Artists Age 6 - 11: $250

June 26 - 30 (M - F) • 9am - 12pm

dollhouse pic.jpg

Diana, age 6


Art Botz Campette  Create your own, personal spin art machine and a robot that draws in this one-day campette!

For Artists Age 6-11: $50

July 19 • 9am - 12pm

Fashionista Campette  

Design red carpet looks in this one day compete that includes a wooden art manikin.

For Artists Age 6-11: $50

August 2 • 9am - 12pm

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