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Summer Camps

Art Through the Ages  Climb aboard a time machine to explore and create art from different eras in history! Each day we will travel to a different time period, (or two!) and the week ends with a trip to the Chrysler to see some of the art we learned about first hand.

Artists ages 6 - 11: $235

June 20 - 24 • 9am - 12pm

Castle Creator  Dragons and princesses and knights...oh my! Who will live in the castle you create?  This camp includes a wooden castle that folds up so you can easily take it from realm to realm for playdates!

For Artists Age 6 to 11: $235

July 18 - 22 (M - F) • 9am - 12pm

Art Around the World  Imagination takes us to distant lands to learn about their cultures and art. Each day we will explore a different culture, (or two!) and the week ends with a trip to the Chrysler to see international art first hand.

For ArtistsAge 6-11: $235

August 1 - 5 • 9am - 12pm

Dollhouse Design  What if you could design your own house? Go

from blueprint to showplace in this camp that includes an Ikea-style dollhouse!

For Artists Age 6 - 11: $260

June 27 - July 1 (M - F) • 9am - 12pm


Sweet Shoppe Dreaming of sweets? Doughnuts? Smoothies? Cakes, pies and candies? We will create them all in the sculptural art camp! Each camper will design their own sweets business and set up shop for parents and siblings on the last day of camp.

For Artists Age 6-11: $235

August 15 - 19 • 9am - 12pm

"Thank you for teaching me! I've learned a lot! I also enjoyed it a lot! I think you are the best art teacher!"

dollhouse pic.jpg

Diana, age 6


City Planner  Imagine your ideal city. Now you create it! Make a canvas play-mat of your city along with wooden buildings, cars, people & more! 

For Artists Age 6 - 11: $250

July 11 - 15 (M - F) • 9am - 12pm

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