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Hampton Roads' only process art studio!

An independent art studio where artists of all ages can develop their creativity and gain self-confidence through visual art.

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"My daughter is enjoying art class very much and thus I am happy and satisfied. :)  She actually said it helped her calm down on a day where she had gotten angry with her brother - now that's some good stuff!  Thank you for inspiring them, and for all that you do!"

Kyrie Shomaker, MD

When she was a little girl, Melanie Cramer wanted to be an artist/ballerina/teacher/mommy. Apparently "ballerina" was code for business owner because now she teaches art in her own studio. Her path included earning an art degree from High Point College (now university), many years spent as an art director for print media, and many more teaching preschool locally. She founded Outside the Lines Art Studio in 2011 to share her belief in the transformative power of visual art with her community.

Meet the Owner: Melanie Cramer

At Outside the Lines Art Studio, we believe the process of creating is far more valuable that the resulting creation. An artist who has spent time exploring an art medium thoroughly may or may not produce a masterpiece worthy of professional framing and prominent display, but they will certainly produce something they are proud of, independent of others’ opinions. They will have expressed themselves to their own satisfaction. They will have experienced something new and learned from it. They will feel more self-assured and confident. Those are products you can’t hang on the wall, or even the fridge.

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